Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MTv VJ SOPHIE Rare Childhood Pics

Remember Sophia Choudhry? The hot VJ of MTv ?
Here are some rare childhood pics of the lady...

... and next are her present snaps.
People do change, and change for the better...

Something You might allready be knowing:
Name: Sophia Choudhry, later changed to Sophie
Birthday: 8th February
Born in: The United Kingdom, grew up in London.
Height: 5'6"
Shoe size: 37 and a half. 
Studied: European Politics and French at The London School of Economics, London.
Professional Spectrum: As a teenager, Indi-pop icon Biddu recognized her talent and launched her musical career. Sophie did back-up vocals for Alisha Chinai and Shweta Shetty. Also, she had been a VJ for Zee Europe when she was in the UK, and later expanded her career as a musician with the girl band Sansara.
One Secret: She's somewhat of a linguist. Sophie speaks French, Italian, Urdu, English and can sing in Spanish and Arabic.

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