Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kanta Laga - rare pics of the hot actress

Shefali Jariwala who had become a heart-throb for millions of youngsters after her scintillating gyrations in the remix video 'Kaanta laga' appeared in the Family court in Gwalior some time ago. Her husband Harmeet had moved an application in the court that she was not staying with him. He requested the court to direct his wife to return to his house. Jariwala and her husband came to the court. But she came out of the court soon, refusing to take any counselling sessions. Her husband Harmeet accepted that the marriage was in a bad shape. "There have been misunderstandings between us but I am still hopeful that good sense will prevail and she will come back to me", he said.

After refusal to go for counselling, the Family Court has asked the couple to present themselves on the next hearing in Februry. The queen of remixes had married Gwalior-based businessman Harmeet Gulzar three years ago. Jariwala was an IT student before she got into the world of remix videos and after the sucess of Kaanta laga, she had become an instant celebrity. For sometime there were reports that she was contemplating divorce as she wanted more independence.

Well these photos say what she wants by independence actually. Who on earth will like watching his wife loitoring round the street, with guys, all drunk to the brim?

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